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A Call to Affirmation


By Deacon Tammy Devine

ELCA Wellness Manager
March 2018

Search me, O my Beloved, and know my heart! Try me and discern my thoughts! Help me to face the darkness within me; enlighten me, that I might radiate your love and light! Psalm 139:23-24

The Lenten journey invites us to pause and prayerfully reflect on what needs cleansing in our own hearts. Who do we need to forgive? What do we need to let go of? Negative emotions can quickly spill into our relationships. When we harbor anger, resentment, and pain, we get knotted up. It impacts our emotional, physical, and spiritual health, rendering us unable to love as Christ loves us.

Sometimes forgiving and loving ourselves can be hardest of all. It’s hard to let go of mistakes made in the past; the temptation to believe we cannot change or grow can be crippling. Listen to your own self-talk. What kinds of negative messages do you tell yourself, consciously or subconsciously? Does the defeatist voice in your head whisper things like, “I am unlovable … I don’t have enough … I am stupid … I am worthless …”?

This Lenten season I am going to intentionally practice affirming my God-given value. I invite you to join me. Mount these affirmations in a prominent place to remind yourself:

I am infinitely loved.

I have everything I need.

I have the mind of Christ.

I am precious in God’s eyes.

I am honored and God loves me.

The greatest love in our lives, Jesus Christ, shows us the potential for love that already exists inside of us. May you use these 40 days of Lent to embrace Christ’s deep love for you.

Tammy Devine's monthly reflection invites you to consider how your faith and health are intertwined. She shares her personal journey to help support you in new ways as you strive to live well in Christ — for the sake of ministry in God’s world. ELCA organizations, feel free to print or link to Tammy’s reflections in your publications.

Since joining Portico in 2004, Tammy has provided whole-person health promotion, education, and inspiration to ELCA rostered leaders and lay employees. Contact Tammy Devine at

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